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"Having struggled with Algebra 2 during the beginning of the year, I joined Scholar Tutorials because I found that keeping up with the rigorous curriculum was extremely difficult. When I went for my first class, Mr. Baldev had me take an assessment on the topic which I had been learning in school, and I was surprised when he quickly pinpointed my weaknesses simply by looking at where I faltered in my answers. Now having been with Scholar Tutorials for more than three months, I can guarantee that no one can be disappointed with it. Not only is the staff extremely patient, but they manage to answer all the students' questions, even when there are quite a few in the room. The additional material they give to students gives them an edge when it comes to perfecting the skills they learn in school. Looking at my experience, I would definitely recommend Scholar Tutorials to anyone struggling in school, or even students who wish to get a better grip on the material they are learning."

"I approached Scholar Tutorials for my daughter's SAT prep in her junior year. I was instantly comfortable with the environment and friendly staff as they guided me through the course and answered all my queries and doubts that usually parents have with respect to SAT exams and college prep. They went through practice tests and there was a great change in her score as it went up to more than 400 points and she became confident with their guidance and academic help. I strongly recommend approaching Scholar Tutorials and Dr. B as I trust their expertise for guaranteed improvement in our child's grades."


"I went to Scholar Tutorials before and during my SAT exams and they helped me tremendously with my score and technique for my SAT's and school courses as well. Dr. B helped me with all my weak areas and motivated me all along to be patient and focus which eventually helped me to overcome the silly mistakes that I made and practice more and more till I could reach my desired score. I am very satisfied with my results and cannot thank Dr .B and Scholar Tutorials enough for the much needed change and boost in my grades."

PALAK DEVI     

"I started SAT classes a few months before my exam, unsure of how much they would help. Right after my first test, Dr Baldev pinpointed all of my areas of weakness and extensively went over them with me, until they were no longer an issue. He makes sure that I understand concepts and focuses on that skill rather than memorization. He does not prioritize time or money and tries his absolute best to make sure that he can help his students as much as he can. With such qualified staff challenging me and giving me all the attention I need, I know I will do my absolute best on the exam. I highly recommend Scholar Tutorials to anyone that is looking for tutoring and or prep."

ANISHA PATEL     

"Scholar Tutorials pinpoints each student's weaknesses and adjusts the tutoring to meet his or her needs. Dr. Baldev has a multitude of resources to help students master the topics they need help with and offers motivation to those who need it. In the SAT course, I learned many tricks and tips that helped me increase my score from 1870 on practice tests to a 2200 on my first official test. I took geometry course in 9th grade and I am currently taking the precalculus course, both of which are immensely helpful. I definitely recommend going to Scholars for tutoring."

NAINI BANSAL     

"I found out about Scholar Tutorials very late in my preparation for the SAT. Yet, that did not deter Dr. Baldev in pushing me hard to achieve the score that he knew I could achieve. By the time I had given my 2nd SAT, I had lost hope that my score could ever cross 2000. But Dr. Baldev continued to make me work hard. In the end, it was because of his motivation and guidance that I scored 2100 in my 3rd SAT. If I had known about Scholar Tutorials a little earlier, I am sure I would have scored even higher. Dr. Baldev focuses on each student's individual needs in each topic; he focuses on our weakness and provides us with lessons on the topic and practice from many sources to truly get the topic. I strongly recommend anyone preparing for the SAT to join Scholar Tutorials before it is too late."




Scholar Tutorials is an educational instution providing tutoring facilities to K-12 students with

an individualized academic program that aims at fostering conceptual understanding and focuses on improving the school grades. At present, it has two tutoring centers, at Edison and at Fairfield.


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